Are you licensed and insured?
-As a responsible contractor, we are fully insured. We will gladly present a copy of our insurance certificate upon request. While there is no “license” for tree services in Pennsylvania, we are registered with the Attorney General’s office, as all contractors doing any type of home improvement work should be. Our registration number is PA # 79208.

How long does it take to get an estimate, and does it cost anything?
-Depending on the situation we can come to your location to give you an estimate within a few hours. In any situation we can be there to give an estimate within a day or two, at your convenience.

All estimates are free for all services we provide.

How long is the estimate good for?
-We will honor the estimate we give you for one year. After that we will be happy to come reevaluate the job and see if there are any changes.

How much will it cost?

Will you clean up the mess and take the wood?

When is the best time to trim my trees?